Jett had a rough start from the beginning. He never could latch when nursing (one of the first milestones AS children miss), and had to be bottle fed from the start. He had to be on a special formula (Nutramigen) to help with his sensitive stomach. He had tongue and lip tie revisions and inguinal and umbilical hernia repairs all before 3 months old! He had such a hard time sleeping that we took turns sleeping on the couch to be with him and allow the other parent a full nights sleep because he was up a good majority of the night. (Individuals with AS typically have difficulty sleeping and seem as though they don't need as much sleep as the rest of us.)

After we recognized some differences in Jett - one being how happy he became after those hard first 3 months - we came across Angelman Syndrome and suspected it. But it wasn't until 6 months that we were able to get the doctor on board after seeing how behind he was with his milestones. Jett finally got tested results came a few weeks later that confirmed his diagnosis of Angelman Syndrome. 

Jett loves things that make a crinkly sound, tub time, when anyone walks by him or talks to him, his bottle, and chewing on his binky or anything else he can get his hands on!

He is 1 year old and he has only rolled over about 10 times, he can't sit unassisted yet (which makes grocery shopping a real tricky situation), he can't eat baby food from a spoon but has gotten pretty good at taking it from a bottle, and requires medications for his reflux and to get any amount of sleep at night.  

Of course this has been a hard and unexpected change for our family, but we feel incredibly lucky to have this great AS community by our side. We are honored to raise such a sweet, cuddly, special, and happy baby. Jett's constant smile encourages us to focus on what is important and his contagious smile lets us know everything is going to be just fine!

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