Angelman Syndrome has already been cured in mice. CURED! 


Your donations go directly to the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST). The amazing men and women at FAST are dedicated to bringing life-changing treatments to people with AS so they can speak, walk, and live a life free of seizures. A cure is on the horizon!


There are multiple approaches being studied. Further funding is needed to move forward with human clinical trials.

What does this mean for our baby Jett?

Well, we are not entirely sure. But we are optimistic! A cure could drastically change his life where he no longer has to work so hard to complete simple tasks (like rolling over). He might be able to learn to talk. He might not have to experience debilitating seizures his whole life.


We've heard from one doctor that if a cure does come it wouldn't change the outcome for our son, but it would help future children with AS if they found and treated in utero. Jett's geneticist believes that a cure is very possible and not a matter of if, but when. He also gave us hope and said a cure could reduce and/or remove symptoms suffered by those currently diagnosed with AS. 


Either way, helping our little Jetterman and our entire AS community or helping future families and children diagnosed with AS is a win! The research done at FAST could also potentially be applied to a variety of other neurogenic disorders bringing life-saving therapy and cures to countless others.


By clicking here you will be taken to the FAST website where there is a short explanation of Gene Therapy, an approach they will use in a cure!

Click the link below to watch a great video that describes in much greater detail about a cure! 


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